Tensorflow 相关问题和答案

MetaGraphDef、GraphDef、Graph 三者之间的关系是什么


import tensorflow as tf
a,b=tf.nn.top_k([1], 1)
print a.name # => 'TopKV2:0'
print b.name # => 'TopKV2:1'


dnn.built = True

name_scope 与 variable_scope 的区别

tf.Print 打印日志的问题,可能展示不出来

To make sure the operator runs, users need to pass the produced op to tf.compat.v1.Session's run method, or to use the op as a control dependency for executed ops by specifying with tf.compat.v1.control_dependencies([print_op]). @end_compatibility

tf.tf_export 是什么意思,原理如何

tf_export = functools.partial(api_export, api_name=TENSORFLOW_API_NAME)
def __init__(self, func, *args, **keywords)